Welcome to the Paul Parent Garden Club Co.

We are celebrating our 28th year making the fresh handmade decorated state of Maine Balsam Fir Wreaths and shipping them to you and your family for the holidays along with fresh centerpieces. This is a family effort that brings our children home to help out and gives us many hours of enjoyment while we work together so hard to design a quality product for your family and friends.

My son Jason Is a fantastic florist and was voted the best floral designer in Maine in 2015, and He won again in 2016. He became the President of the Maine Florist Association for 2016. He also was voted a member of the year 2014 for the state of Maine by the State Maine Florist association. Jason has been Featured in many national bridal magazines over the past few years. Jason will be making all your centerpieces again this year. If you're getting Married soon there is no one better for your special day.

My son Patrick is the assistant manager, of Mahoney's in Winchester, MA, the largest Garden Center in Massachusetts and when I need time off, he fills in for me on the radio and I am very pleased how he has developed to love doing the radio program, as much as I do on Sundays. Patrick is my right-hand man for decorating the wreaths for the next few weeks on his days off and is getting more creative every year. He is also a Father of a daughter named Katie, who just turned two.

Chris, my wife does all the paperwork, shipping and billing during the holidays, so she is our hero and keeps us all on our toes. Chris also designed and maintains our website, produces the weekly email newsletter, and makes sure it gets out to you every Thursday time. Her encouragement has made it possible for me to write the newsletter for you.

My job is to decorate wreaths, help out whoever needs help and encourage you to shop with us. Our wreaths are made by families in Maine who work together. The husband will go out in the woods of Maine and tip the tree branches, never cutting down trees so that in a couple of years that same tree can be pruned again to make wreaths. The Balsam tips are brought home and now the wife and older children work together to produce a quality wreath for me to decorate. This Cottage industry helps these families get through the winter easier, stay warm, and enjoy the holidays more. We all thank you for your support!

This also ensures that your wreath is made daily from fresh balsam tips and that the wreath are not stocked piled until needed. One last thing you should know is that our wreath is doubled sided with fresh greens on both sides of the wreath unlike other BIG wreath companies, who ship ONE SIDED WREATHS. Because our wreaths are doubled sided there is no exposed wire that can scratch the paint or the glass on your door and we put double the amount of greens on your wreath ensure this

Ordering options:

1. Order from shopping cart to the left, if you are ordering to go to several locations you need to order them Separately.

2. You can order by email or CALL us a 1 - 207-985-6972. You can call us from 9 AM to 6 PM Monday to Saturday, and Sundays from 10 AM to 6 PM. I am on the radio on Sunday and cannot take your call so please wait until after 10 AM to call in your order.

3. Email us your order to gardenclub@paulparent.com Send us your name, address, zip code, and phone number. List the people you are sending a holiday wreath or centerpiece to BY name, address, zip code, phone number, the week you want it sent out and a message to put on the holiday card and the item you want to be sent. DO NOT SEND US YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION IN THE EMAIL. We will call you to confirm your order and get your credit card information.

All orders sent to New England will be going out PRIORITY MAIL 2 to 3-day delivery. All others states will be going out UPS ground. This will save you time, money and do away with repetitive forms to fill out. When we call you we will confirm your order to make sure we do a great job for you. ALL WREATHS ARE $42.95 SHIPPED IN NEW ENGLAND . If you want a wreath shipped to Alaska or Hawaii let us know and we will get you a price for the for the additional freight.

Thank you for considering us for your Holiday needs.

Paul Parent and Family